Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Catch Up!

So much has happened since my last post that I would be here to years filling you in but I am happy to share a couple of photographs of recent projects and promise to post on a regular basis!

Temptress - a crescent shaped shawl and the Boo-Knits Mystery Valentine Shawl 2013
We all had so much fun knitting the shawls and working each clue.  I think it is wonderful how these MKALs bring everyone together and creates online friendships that actually lead onto real, face-to-face friendships.  The pattern was written for Lichtfaden Yarns and Sabine did an amazing job in creating the most wonderful colours on a variety of bases.  The shawl above was in Lichtfaden Tussah Silk Lace - Memories of Hydrangeas and took just one skein.  This tussah silk has a beautiful, almost crunchy, texture that was a total pleasure to work with.
Distant Hours - Designed for Amirisu and knit in DyeforYarn Tussah Silk Fingering.  Knit from the top down in one piece it looks equally good with jeans as it does with an evening dress,  has a stocking stitch body, a lace body transition section leads into a lace border and is finished off with a picot bind off.  It takes less than 600m of fingering weight yarn and the Boo Group on Ravelry are due to start a KAL for this on 28th March 2013 - looking forward to that and now my biggest problem will be which yarn to use!


Saturday, 10 December 2011

It has been so long . . . .

It has been such a long time since I last wrote and so I think I will fill you in with a series of photographs.

I have been busy in the garden and the house and more than anything busy knitting and designing.  I have had such a wonderful time and had such lovely comments from so many people.

The first three photographs show 'Ictis', a wide, triangular shawl.

The next design was a little crescent shaped shawl called 'Cloud Illusions'.  Knit in Lichtfaden Silk Merino fingering weight, the most wonderfully soft yarn in the prettiest of colours.  It is a pretty and very wearable shawl that I couldn't resist knitting again.

This time I knit it in DyeforYarn Tussah Silk - a dream to work with!

Spurred on by such lovely comments and wonderful encouragement I released the pattern for 'Fragile Heart'.  This is another crescent shaped shawl that is easily enlarged or adapted to suit your own style.  The dusky pink one was knit in DyeforYarn Tussah Silk and the purple one knit in Posh Yarn Sylvia 2ply, a Silk Merino mix.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Some days are really just perfect – the sun shines, the birds sing and you get to choose what you want to do with your day.  These day are so extra special and are usually few and far between but, for me, yesterday was one of those days.
 I put my pattern for Dragonfly Wings up on Ravelry and the response was phenomenal!  I was so completely blown away by the favourites ticking away like a little clock that I just had to go and do something else before I exploded with joy!  Huge, huge thank yous to everyone for their support and kind words – I have enjoyed every minute!
 I spent my afternoon dyeing skeins of yarn and had so much fun and satisfaction that I came back to the computer all refreshed and raring to go.  The only problem is – am I willing to put them on Etsy and part with them – only time will tell.
Isn’t knitting so satisfying!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


After much persuasion I have written up the pattern for the Dragonfly Shawl I designed, reknit it, had a great friend of mine knit along with me and it is now with a wonderful team of friends who are testing the pattern for me.  Wow what a surprise this has all been for me – happy knitting along and then BOO!  I ended up designing my own shawl.  Not only that but I fear I have unleashed a monster!  My head is full of ideas – shapes, patterns, stitches, lace . . . this is totally addictive and I am having so much fun - Pandora's box is well and truly open!  A huge thank you – THANK YOU – to everyone who has helped and encouraged me in this – you all really have no idea of what you have done!!!

A few photographs of the shawl so far – now called Dragonfly Wings – by . . . . Boo Knits – I couldn’t resist!

I will let you know when the pattern is ready for release!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Introducing the Girls

So much excitement in one week!   A huge welcome to my new pretties – four new girls to join Betty, Berta, Basil, Barbera and Nana.  Introducing you to -

 Margot – my little ballerina, named after the wonderfully talented Margot Fonteyn

Seven – We have nine chickens and this is number 7 – Seven of Nine

Liza (with a z) – dressed in black she could be in ‘Cabaret’

And last but by no means least Mrs Merton – what else could you name a girl with a blue rinse?

My First Design - Making a Start!

When I bought some knitting needles and a few skeins of Noro Silk Garden, only eighteen months ago, never for a moment did I think I would knit with 2ply yarn yet alone knit lace shawls.  I thought that type of knitting was way beyond my abilities.  I have been both shocked and surprised at how addictive lace knitting is and that I have actually managed to do some. 

This week I have had so much fun.  I knit my first ‘own designed shawl’ and enjoyed every stitch.  Once posted on the wonderful Ravelry I had such wonderful feedback that I felt compelled to commit pen to paper and write up my pattern.  So today I will make a start! 
Just a couple more photographs of the finished shawl for reference.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

What’s on the Needles

It never ceases to amaze me that one skein of yarn and two sticks can produces so many different things depending on the person using the two.  We truly are limited only by our imagination and our taste in colour, texture and style. 

I have had a wonderful time with garter stitch, again.  This time knitting Celaeno by Romi Hill.   As I have said before, it is a lovely little shawl and just as I got to the lace section I got sidetracked with another project. 

I have had a kind of experiment this week; I wanted to see whether one skein of Fyberspates Faery Wings could make a decent size shawl.  I tend to wear my shawls with the V at the front and therefore prefer wider shawls with a good ‘dangle’ either side.  I am also a sucker for points so, I wanted wide, shallow, lace/pointy border and beads – all with a silk/mohair mix and a variegated yarn!  Tall order I thought but no – I have been amazed that this tiny skein of yarn produced something nearly 7ft wide and 2ft deep whilst on the blocking wires! 

I shall be using this yarn again – thank you Fyberspates!